How Many Weeks Pregnant Will I Be?

To calculate how far along you will be on a certain date, enter your due date below and the date you are interested in.
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About This Calculator

This calculator will work out how far along you are in weeks' and months on any given date you choose. The date you choose must fall on or before your estimated due date.

Each result page will calculate:

  • How many weeks pregnant you are on any given date
  • How many months you are on any given date
  • How much time is left until due date

Planning and Timing Around Pregnancy

Knowing how pregnant you will be on a specific date can help with planning during your pregnancy. It is also nice to know how many weeks you will be when traveling or attending an event or on special occasions like your baby shower, your birthday, or the holidays.

Some Dates you May Want to Calculate:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Upcoming weddings
  • Travel
  • Going on maternity leave
  • Family visits
  • Organizing baby car seat
  • Planning your hospital bag

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